Two quesadillas Yourcenar style

By Dora A. Ayora Talavera | @DoraAyora

I never leave home without doing two basic things: take a shower and eat breakfast.

For many, the first food of the day is something that can be left out; people like me — naturally hungry and then by conviction — we cannot start the day without breakfast: it is an essential ritual however fast I eat it.

If I remember some stages in my life and my favourite breakfasts, I can see clearly what my preferred dishes were, every time: during primary school; fried beans with toast were the morning feast to go to the school. I could eat up to eight toasts non-stop. My energy and joy all day long were invaluable.

Secondary school, toast with butter and sugar — exquisite — were the motor to my long walking to the school. During the time I lived with my grandmother, crackling just fried by my butcher grandfather — warm with roll and coffee — helped me face my everyday sadness missing my mother.

During High school, pancakes with ham, were accomplices of my first reciprocate love. In university, fresh fruit and a toast sandwich accompany an unknown period of discipline and study.

I have to confess that something changed during my master degree; I was pregnant and everything became delicious… from that time until now: I like everything.

When I travel, the breakfasts are a special joy to explore. I like tasting exotic fruits, different kinds of breads that we do not have in Mexico, scrambled eggs, teas and coffees that smell and taste different.

Avocado sandwiches from Isla Mujeres, made from handmade bread; the “full English breakfast” that I enjoyed in England… though I do not like its sweet beans; hams and cheeses from Germany and Holland; sweet bread from Café La Blanca in Mexico City; tomato paste that I ate every day in Spain and the tamales and tlayudas from Oaxaca; all of them are unforgettable and I think they make me a feel good.

I do not have a specific style for breakfast. Sometimes, when I am in a hurry, I eat standing in front of the bar of my kitchen; in other occasions, I take my time and seat in calm in the dining room or the terrace, and enjoy my coffee.

The menu is varied. From fruit with oats, juice, to grill sausages, different kinds of sandwiches, eggs with spinaches, ham or my father’s favourite eggs: with tomato.

To breakfast is no only stop fasting. I think that Marguerite Yourcenar is right, and she described it in a very beautiful way in her book “Hadrian’s memoirs”:

“To eat fruit is to welcome into oneself a fair living object, which is alien to us but is nourished and protected like us by earth (…) I never bit bread’s crumb being in the barracks without marvelling at the fact that this heavy and rough jumble could be transformed in to blood, heat, maybe in bravery”.

Thinking in this way, breakfast does not only satiate a builded up hunger during your sleep. It transforms through our body all the quotidian delights of the palate, making them into energy, into love… into our strength to live every day.

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