Unexpected friendship

At the beginning I thought they were obstinate, because of their insistence to do something impossible. Later on, I proved it, they were obstinate and pig-headed with their tenacity to build a nest in the border of a window that was only 6 cm wide, to me it seemed like a ridiculous task.

For weeks, they brought different sized sticks, trying to make their nest in my bedroom’s window. I did not notice immediately what was going on, the first days I thought that someone was leaving “trash” in my bedroom; I was surprised. Suddenly, I discovered that no one wanted to bother me. They were two turtledoves that found in my window the ideal place to nest.

Their perseverance and failures were so many that, they moved my heart and I decided to hammer a small basket in the corner of the window. My intention was to invite them to bring more sticks and make their nest freely. The day I put in the basket was the day they stopped coming, I felt disappointed. A couple of days later, they came back and saw that there was no danger. I assumed they said to each other in their turtledove language “It is a good idea”. Their avian intuition allowed them to test, and they liked it so much that they didn’t only stay for a season, they have stayed for eight years nesting in my window. I have seen many turtledoves generations sprout!

I think they are my friends, I consider myself the godmother of all of them. I have suffered when some little eggs have fallen and broken. I have witnessed the growing of their family at the same time they have witnessed mine. Those poor turtledoves have heard me singing; I am sure they admire my discipline, every morning I make my bed; they know all of my old clothes and they are happy when I wear clothes for the first time.

I rarely eat in my bed, but when they see me arrive to the bedroom with a plate, their eyes magnify and then, I decide to go back to the dining room to not bother them. Of course, sometimes when they go to fly around I take advantage of this and I satiate my hunger in bed.

They have seen things no one else has! They have seen me sad, happy and in all my moods. They have forgiven my anger. When I have been furious, it is enough with a glace and a negative movement of their heads to stop my bad mood. That is the reason we have a silence pact, I won’t tell anything about them, neither they, during their flights will tell anything about me. Over the time, we have gained a lot of trust, we tell each other many things, twittering and talking. They know some secrets that I have entrusted.

Last weekend, while I was laying in my bed, I felt that someone was watching me insistently, I saw them and I immediately knew, with some stings in their wings and heads and twittering they let me know their joy about the arrival of the new baby turtledoves. I smiled, and took some pictures, the first in all of this time, it is marvellous to be a witness of the family life of this birds that confidently came to live in my window.

Over the years they became my unexpected friends, my accomplice and invaluable confidents. The basket rotted more than a year ago; they have found the way to gasp the nest in the window. They deny departing, the reason is probably because they are grateful or maybe they consider this is their home.

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