The worst choice of my life or a citizen in a predicament

By Dora A. Ayora Talavera | @DoraAyora

Last week I discovered that next June I will have been exercising my right to vote for 30 years. Darn!… I will be 48 years old.

I do not practise my religion, but I have to thank God, not having a political creed. Thanks of this, every election I have participated I have voted freely and willingly. Only my first time was happy and proudly.

I have voted for Presidents, Mayors, national and provincial Legislator and Senators. But the party or the person I have voted for has never won.

My votes never have been for conviction; most of them have been for elimination and some just for resignation. I do not know whose the fault is: my age, the country’s political situation or the media, but in this occasion – as never before – I feel overwhelmed. Bombarded with advertisings that is not useful to decide my vote. The idea “tactical vote” is ridiculous to me, when there does not exist any good option to vote.

I am in a moment in which, I do not believe in anyone or anything. Everything that looks like politic upset me. Though I do not watch a lot of TV, when political spots appear, I immediately change the channel or turn off the TV; if I am listening the radio, and they appear, I change the station or I start singing with a CD, it is always better.

But time is passing and I am going blank. I have less than 45 days and I do not believe I will change my mind about any party or political figure.

Sometimes I think that parties are teasing us with their ridiculous campaigns and candidates, it gets me mad that they believe I am an idiot!

It gets me angry that they come to my house and tell me: “we know that you sympathise with our party…” “We bring you a discount card as a gift…” or in the street when traffic light is red, they attack my car like a plague with political flags and pamphlets and insistently ask me to open the window and give me their advertising, but I do not want them! It gets me mad too, arriving home and seeing my post box full of political pamphlets…and I just think how much money they spend doing this. What should I say? Or what should I do?

How can a citizen participate confidently in a democratic election that is empty of credibility and reliability and full of incompetence?

I am not worried about the election process itself, if someone will steal the boxes, or if some party will cheat or buy votes; it is a trifle compared to the drama of not having any party or politician to vote for that, is truly a calamity.

I am a citizen in a predicament; this time a vote for elimination, for resignation and without conviction won’t be enough to mark an X the next 7th of June.

Someone has a better strategy?

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