Do not tell it out loud!… The heat is stifling

By Dora A. Ayora Talavera | @DoraAyora

It’s 8:00 am and 25° Celsius

What?? 25°C but, it is just sunrise!

How many degrees we will have today??!!

You only need to think about it, it’s enough having the idea in your head,»What a heat!” and then…you are lost. It is a way to give your body permission to start sweating; to feel how the small drops drip through your forehead, through your back, to see how your arms start emanating transparent pearls that have the potential to become rivers and a salty flood.

There is nothing like opening your car at midday and feeling a boiling gust of wind in your face, it makes you want to die! But getting into the car, opening the windows without breathing to avoid burning your respiratory tract and your lungs from the boiling wind. That is heroism!

Walking on the street or on the road and suddenly seeing that pavement is melting or that there is a lagoon; you are surprised and walk faster to reach it but only to discover that it is an illusion!

It does not matter how early in the morning it is, at midday or at 8 pm at night, there is no way that you can go jogging and not be left out of breath, with a tomato face, inflamed hands, bathed in sweat and dying of thirst. That is discipline!

What does this heat do to our body? Even on the shower you continue sweating. When you finish and try to dry your body, it is impossible. Your towel is like a brush that at the same time, takes the water off of your body and spreads on your skin a new slide of sweat. That is amazing!

There is nothing like trying to take a nap or sleep at night; if you sleep in a hammock, you can discover that it is as warm as the wall where it is hanging; the blankets on your bed are like they were just ironed, but they are hot, not flat. That is heat!

In this place,you do not take a shower to be clean, you take a shower with an illusion, to feel fresh, but what happens? You notice that you have to shower in 17 seconds, 8.5 with the hot tap before water boils, and 8.5 seconds with cold tap before you get peeled. That is bravery!

Every morning, in front of the mirror, you are begging that the fresh shower goes on, but you know that its effect is brief. Very soon you can feel that your body is sweating abundantly again, stopping you from dressing and putting your make up on. No power can stop you from starting your day without having humid clothes and an imperfect and not discrete make-up because of your sweating body. That is your vanity in jake!

It does not matter if you are a slim and strong athlete or a fleshy and agile woman, it is for sure that if you dare to eat lime soup or habanero chili you will melt in sweat and pleasure. That is gluttony!

It is obvious that in this place to make your bed, to organize your books, to brush your teeth are activities that justify the abundant sweating all day long. That is everyday life!

But just sitting to read, to think, to listen music or simply to talk have the same effect. That is infamous!

These is the way which we live here, the place localized at latitude 21°38´ – 19°32’ and longitude 87°22’ – 90°24’ of our planet, I mean Yucatan, Mexico. That is happiness!

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