The newness of everyday

By Dora A. Ayora Talavera.

Versión en español

Time passes and everything changes, this transformation is so subtle that everything seems like nothing happens. The everyday routine stops us from realising about the beauty of details, the intangible and the newness of everyday.

As a therapist, one of my everyday activities which make me honour and enjoy life is to listen. It allows me to appreciate poetic moments, to be creative and to be attentive to the surprises and exceptional and unrepeatable moments. My proposal is “to change a conversation” generating through every dialogue a difference, that make us see, appreciate, value and love something new or unknown and/ or something known but in a different way.

Quinientos25 – as a Human Relationships Agency – is today a platform to expand and enrich my life and work, promoting conversations from different natures which favour human development, happiness, positive relationships; in brief, everything that makes every person, every human being, someone better.

Psychotherapy, Literature and Art, are my allies to dialogue, to generate multiple spaces, to broad visions and experiences, to do my bit to make this world better, rescuing the beauty of the details, the subtlety of the newness of everyday.

Every week, I will share some ideas that allow us to dialogue through face to face conversations, Facebook and/or Twitter. I invite you to explore other perspectives and to construct alternative ways of living.


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